The Genesis
Center for Catalyzing Community (CCC) was formed by a group of people dedicated for the welfare of society in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The organization laid its foundation stone on with the aim of comprehensive development of rural women and children. Center for Catalyzing Community (CCC) is registered as a society under society registration act of XXI, 1860 with registration number 22126/107 of 2002-03.

Center for Catalyzing Community (CCC) believes no development can be meaningful and sustainable until and unless female population is free from all barriers of development considering the economic, social, political, cultural and structural aspects of social change. The focus of intervention in the activities of Center For Catalyzing Community(CCC)  are Women and children of poor and marginalized rural community, who neither have their own strength to fight against injustice and exploitation nor any support from community in which they live.


Establishment of progressive, peaceful and prosperous social structure based on the values of humanity, equality and mutual welfare.


Up-liftment and development of women, children, old agers and unprivileged people through proper education, healthcare and socio-economic independence