Welcome to CCC

Do you know why dinosaurs became extinct? It is because something changed but the dinosaurs did not. The truth is equally applicable to the name itself Center for Catalyzing Community (CCC) what it exactly reflects. The Catalysts here change the occurring in lives every now and then without changing themselves.
Center for Catalyzing Community (CCC), envisages a self reliant Society where empowered people will espouse the task of their own development on a sustainable basis. The Organisation also strives to establish a society devoid of any discrimination on the ground of caste, class, creed, race, language, religion and sex.
To serve the community in a purposeful way, the Center for Catalyzing Community (CCC) has undertaken multifaceted programmes like women Empowerment programme, SHG promotion programme, Awareness programme.

Here we have five strategies to do.

• Put your thoughts into action.
• Accept and appreciate the differences in others instead of judging them.
• Welcome the challenge of change.
• Maintain a positive attitude regardless of what happens in the world around you.

The small effort that was started in the middle of 2002 has grown to a modest one in terms of activities. Whatever little done was due to the support provided by the local population and some philanthropic souls who made generous contribution for universal common cause.

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